Vvash 16oz Tire Shine

Vvash 16oz Tire Shine


Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine is the perfect choice when wanting to leave your tires with a clean, deep black shine. Trust us, we understand how frustrating it can be when you clean your vehicle, apply a high gloss tire shine and by the time you get to the end of the street your freshly cleaned vehicle is now covered with tire sling. Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine is the solution to your problems! With our advanced formula that offers glossy, UV protection, you can be sure that your vehicle will have the best looking tires on the road after an application of Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine.


  •  Clean, Deep Black Shine

  •  UV Protection Prevents Fading

  •  Provides Long Lasting Results

  •  High Shine, Low Sling

  •  Amazing Cherry Scent

  •  Made in The USA


Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine is best applied on a washed & fully dried tire accompanied by our Tire Shine Applicator. A Tire Shine Applicator is highly recommended when applying Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine to evenly distribute product to each tire. Not only does this applicator get the desired product into every tire crevice, it leaves your hands clean and mess-free. Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine Applicator is washable and reusable and has been a personal favorite in our detailing business as a quick and efficient way to detail every tire.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect sheen, good durability.

I have used many tire shines as I used to do professional mobile detailing for a number of years. I would find some that look great, and don’t last, or some that look good and last a while but as soon as you drive it slings all over the freshly cleaned paint. And I have used some I threw away they were so bad. This product works. It’s a water based dressing, so cleanup is easy, and I always strip the dressing on every maintenance wash and the apply (just my preference) and being water based means it dries more to the touch and does not “collect” dirt and road debris. It goes on nice with an applicator or small rag, dried to a perfect sheen, basically looking like a brand new tire with a deep color. Not like it was just clear foster high gloss. I made the switch from another product I was using for years and I don’t see myself going back. Strongly recommend. If you are a detailer, your customers will be pleased not to have the mirrors, doors and quarters spotted up with tire dressing sling.

Tire shine

Hello, thank you very much to my sponsor for each product I practically have almost every product, their tire is amazing! No slings, stays on the tire for weeks.

Great Tire Shine!

I've dealt with a lot of tire shines. A lot have been bad, and few have been good. For me, a tire shine should have the perfect blend between shine, longevity, and durability. I've had Vvash Tire Shine on for a week now, driven it through rain and snow, and my tires still look great! They're STILL CLEAN! This is a great, quality tire shine that I'd recommend to anyone. #1 selling point is the durability. Great job, Vvash!