Vvash 16oz Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

Vvash 16oz Ultimate Wheel Cleaner


Vvash Auto Care Ultimate Wheel Cleaner lives up to its name as the ultimate pick when looking to tackle wheels covered in dirt and grime. Our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner was formulated to deliver fast and quality cleaning to all types of wheels. Once applied to the surface of the wheel, you will be amazed at how efficient this product works to remove all dirt, debris, and brake dust while producing a brilliant shine all at the same time. Fear not, this Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is safe on all types of wheel finishes whether it be chrome, polished aluminum, powder coated, or even a matte finish.


  •  Tackles Dirt, Debris & Other Contaminants With Ease

  •  Safe On Polished Wheels & All Wheel Types

  •   Safely And Effectively Removes Brake Dust

  •  Restores Wheels To Pristine Condition

  •  Acid-Free, Non-Caustic, pH Neutral & Eco Friendly

  •  Delicious Cherry Scent

  •  Made in The USA


CLEAN THE RIGHT WAY - Our wheels are hit the hardest and need a finesse product to clean away all of the dirt, salt and grime. Ultimate Wheel Cleaner will tackle all of the hard debris that gets trapped after everyday driving. Our formula will leave you satisfied with the cleanest wheels on the road.

FORMULA ENGINEERING - Ultimate Wheel Cleaner will provide you with peace of mind and results! Our formula was designed by car enthusiasts who have the same hunger and passion for amazing results. Our easy to use spray bottle makes cleaning your car less of a burden. It's especially satisfying when using a wheel brush seems like a thing of the past. Ultimate Wheel Cleaner will agitate and remove brake dust with just a few sprays.

CLEAN IT , CLEAN IT REAL GOOD - Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is Non-Caustic, Acid Free and PH Balanced! Spray on our formula to any wheel surface and let agitate for a moment. You can follow up with your pressure washer to see all the dissolved contaminants fall off. We also pride ourselves in being eco-friendly and environmentally safe.

ALL YOUR WHEELS AND TIRES ARE SAFE - You can use Ultimate Wheel Cleaner on all types of wheels. Rest assured your wheels are safe with our cleaner. Aluminum, Painted, Chrome, Polished, Clear Coated and so much more! Our cleaner will not damage, stain or streak your wheels or tires! We cannot stress enough how great your wheels will look after using Ultimate Wheel Cleaner.

SIDE WITH VVASH, WHY? - At Vvash Auto Care we specialize in making sure our products achieve the best results. Why are you still using that old bottle that you found laying in your garage? Do your car a favor and use the newest technology available. The car detailing industry is filled with the same old stuff people used even 25 years ago. The new technology now can do 10 times more than what the outdated stuff can do. As the industry grows our ideas and innovations grow too

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Nice product. But...

Liked both both the Wheel and All Purpose cleaner. The only issue i have. Is that the sprayers on both cleaners hardly works. It just spits out. Getting more on my hands then the wheels.

Just spray and rinse

Truly watch the dirt and grime wash right away after applying this wheel cleaner! Tough on mud!


very good, used it on my wheels before i went to a truck show 2 weekends ago and got best wheel and tire setup trophy.

Great product, works well

I’m impressed! Cleaned my wheels quickly and easily, and left them looking better than any other cleaner I’ve used. Would recommend!

Great product

Does a great job cleaning wheels