Vvash 16oz Waterless Wash

Vvash 16oz Waterless Wash


No hose? No problem. Vvash Auto Care Waterless Wash is formulated to exceed your expectations in the ability to clean and leave your car's surface with a nice gloss all while eliminating the use of water. Our Waterless Wash formula is boosted with polymers and lubricants, which not only leave your car clean, but also protect the surface from harsh elements including UV rays. Waterless Wash is ready to use on all surfaces such as painted, plastic, chrome, glass, and wheels and will adequately clean your vehicle without the need to rinse!


  •  Perfect For On-The-Go Washes

  •  No Water Or Hose Necessary

  •  Streak-Free Formula

  •  Amazing Key Lime Scent

  •  Made in The USA


We get it, you’re in need of a detail but don’t have immediate access to water and a hose. With Vvash Auto Care Waterless Wash, your problem has been solved. Our gloss-enhancing formula makes washing your vehicle on-the-go easy and leaves your car glistening without needing any help from water.


Whether being used in between details to remove minor surface contaminants such as bird droppings, or being used for a full blown wash, you’re sure to be astounded at just how simple Waterless Wash is to use. To make things better, this product is also accompanied by an amazing key lime scent! Simply spray on desired surface, watch as solution emulsifies all dirt & grime and buff away when complete. Vvash Auto Care Waterless Wash is used best when paired with a Vvash Auto Care Waffle Towel to complete the buffing process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jack Cobb
this stuff is great

i used this on my black gmc and i feel like it’s better than an actual wash, didn’t have to worry about water spots, having to dry the whole truck, or making a mess! i highly recommend this product!

Hayden Powers
Best stuff I’ve used

While I am sponsored by Vvash, I am nit going to lie to you… this stuff is actually great. I used to use the stuff at autozone for the same price but then I switched to Vvash. There’s practically no streaking until the wrath is dirty, which is usual. For the the hard to get bug stains, just spray it and leave it for a moment. Come back and scrub with a microfiber towel, and it’s gone within seconds.

Great product.

Jake Pagliaroli
Works good

Sometimes leaves streaks with glass cleaner, besides that, I love it

Michael Briscoe
Amazing Product!! A+++

Waterless wash is hands down the best product for after wash flawless finish. I use as a light mist to remove water spots left after drying. Easy spay and absolutely zero streaking! One of my favorite products!

Sets the bar for waterless washes

I never had a waterless wash start beading as soon as I sprayed it on my vehicle. I knew then it was gonna be my favorite waterless wash 😎 I have review pictures on my IG page! @b6_ruby_