Vvash Interior Package

Vvash Interior Package


Take your interior to the next level with this power house combo. Working together to spear head any interior detail project with epic results!

  • Eliminates Dirt, Grime, and Dust

  • Prevent Fading And Cracking

  • Applies To All Interior Surfaces

  • Protection From Harmful UV Exposure


  • 1 Interior Cleaner 16oz

  • 1 Interior Detailer 16oz

Interior Cleaner 16oz & Interior Detailer 16oz

Vvash Interior Cleaner is designed to keep the inside of your vehicle pristine and looking great. Overtime your vehicle’s delicate interior will experience a lot of temperature changes and typical normal usage. Depending on your location, your climate may vary which in turn affects the way your interior copes with the temperature shifts. Interior seats and panels expand and contract with the changing seasons. So make sure to protect the interior of your vehicle with the quality Vvash Interior Cleaner. Interior Cleaner can achieve wonders when it comes to removing contaminants and debris on all interior surfaces. You won't have to rely on harsh chemicals to remove annoying stains and risk damaging interior components.

Vvash Interior Cleaner goes hand in hand with our Interior Detailer. The versatility of Vvash Interior Detailer can provide years of protection on any type of vehicle.  Interior Detailer is safe to use on seats, door & dash panels, plastics, wood, and leather.

It utilizes UV inhibitors to protect against high temperatures on your dashboard, panels and seats. We recommend using this product on cool surfaces and not in direct sunlight. When properly applied to any surface , Interior Detailer will never leave that greasy feel behind.