Vvash Wash Pad & Soap

Vvash Wash Pad & Soap


Grab a bucket of water and this kit for an easy clean! Put your hand in a Vvash Wash Pad and feel the soft and hard working power it delivers to any surface of your vehicle.

  • Ph Balanced Solution

  • Tough On Dirt And Grime

  • Wash Pad Provides An Even Spread Of Soap

  • Won’t Strip Previous Applied Wax And Sealants


  • 1 Premium Wash 16oz

  • 1 Wash Pad 10X10

Exterior Cleaning:

Premium Shampoo 16oz & Wash Pad

Vvash Premium Shampoo is the solution for eliminating unwanted contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. It's thick foam is designed to remove excess dirt and debris with ease. Being that it is Ph balance allows the user to wash their vehicle without removing previously applied sealant or wax. Application of Premium Shampoo is versatile and can be applied in different ways. Premium shampoo can be used with a foam gun or foam cannon, both producing thick foam. This Kit comes with a Vvash Wash Pad It is designed to absorb large amounts of soapy solution across the vehicle when using a soap bucket system. When paired with Vvash Premium Shampoo it is a quality combo and cleans efficiently.  21.99