Vvash Wheel & Tire Package

Vvash Wheel & Tire Package


Vvash Wheel Package will have your wheels and tires looking brand new everyday you take that car out for a spin! This kit includes our easy to use wheel and tire products that leaves an exceptional deep shine after every detail.

  • Achieve Professional Grade Wheel Cleaning And Shine With Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

  • Easy To Use Tire Shine Applicator 

  • Eco All Purpose Cleaner Eliminates Dirt and Debris 

  • Exceptional Deep Shine And Quick Dry Tire Shine


  • 1 Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz

  • 1 Tire Shine 16oz

  • 1 Eco All Purpose Cleaner 160z

  • 1 Tire Shine Applicator 

Wheels & Tires

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz

Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is a strong pick when looking to tackle those wheels that are covered in dirt and grime. Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner was formulated to deliver fast and quality cleaning to all types of wheels. Once applied to the surface of the wheel you will instantly see how fast the cleaner works to get rid of all dirt , debris, and brake dust. Feel free to apply it on all types of wheel finishes whether it be chrome , aluminum, powder coated or even a matte finish. 

Tire Shine 16oz & Tire Shine Applicator 

Vvash Tire Shine is a must have in every detail project because it completes the overall clean look of the vehicle when finished. We’ve also included an easy to use and clean Tire Shine Applicator to pair with our Tire Shine. Vvash Tire Shine can be used to achieve a clean deep shine. Once applied it dries within minutes to get you back in the driver’s seat quickly and on to your next trip. We always recommend to clean your wheels prior to applying tire shine. Vvash Tire Shine is uniquely formulated to reduce or eliminate tire sling once properly applied. Our bottles allow for an even and steady application whether it be to our Tire Shine Applicator or to the tire directly. Any tire, large or small will look professional and clean when dressed with Vvash Tire Shine.

Eco All Purpose Cleaner 16oz

Vvash Eco All Purpose Cleaner is the all around versatile cleaner that is perfect for removing unwanted contaminants. This product is tough on all water-safe surfaces and destroys dirt , grime , grease ,oil, fingerprints, dust, etc. At Vvash creating something that's ingredients are safe for all around and repeated use was paramount. Vvash Eso All Purpose Cleaner does not contain any petroleum distillates, is eco friendly for consistent use, and all around safe on all surfaces.