Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner
Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner



Obtain the wheels of your dreams with this wheel-cleaning workhorse! Meet our #1 best selling product- our iconic Ultimate Wheel Cleaner. Vvash Auto Care Ultimate Wheel Cleaner lives up to its name as the ultimate pick when looking to tackle wheels covered in dirt and grime. Created to deliver fast and quality cleaning to every type of wheel, this powerful formula obliterates dirt, grime and other unwanted contaminants with ease. Simply spritz onto the surface of your wheel and watch as this product completely annihilates dirt, debris, brake dust and more. Once finished working it's magic, our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner leaves your wheels looking brand new. Trust us, you're sure to see what the hype is all about. 

  • Obliterates Dirt, Debris & Other Contaminants With Ease
  • Safe On Polished Wheels & All Wheel Types
  • Safely & Effectively Removes Brake Dust
  • Restores Wheels To Pristine Condition
  • Acid-Free, Non-Caustic, pH Neutral & Eco Friendly
  • Delicious Cherry Scent

Wheels are hit the hardest and need a product to finesse out all dirt, salts, grime and other pesky contaminants. Designed by car enthusiasts who have a hunger and passion for amazing results, we curated this potent product to do the work for you. Our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner tackles even the toughest of debris that get trapped in your wheels due to everyday driving. 

Fear not, our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is safe on all types of wheel finishes- whether it be chrome, polished aluminum, powder coated, or even matte finish.

Our iconic Vvash Auto Care Ultimate Wheel Cleaner paired with our Vvash Ultimate Wheel Brush? Name a better duo, we’ll wait. Achieve award-winning results with this tag team. 

"Very good, used it on my wheels before I went to a truck show 2 weekends ago and got Best Wheel and Tire Setup trophy."
-Verified Customer

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Talia Myres (@subieok)
Excellent product!

It's been rainy and snowy where I live, so I definitely needed to give my car a good cleaning - especially the wheels! Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner was amazing. It got all of the grime off of my wheels and made them look like a million bucks! I can't wait to get more product and make everyone jealous of my ride!

Logan Olcott
Vvash auto products

They are amazing and work great just with you guy works tag my post on your story on instagram since I’m a brand ambassador mazda_mimi on instagram

Tucker Baker
Good but Upset

Package arrived and box was damaged. Inside the box was a busted bottle that had about 1/4 bottle left. What I was able to use was really good stuff. Wish I had been able to use it more. I’m not sure if I’m whiling to buy it again wasted money I couldn’t use

Devan Henchel

Not as strong as I thought but the tore shine looks amazing

Bryce Stickley
Absolutely amazing

I bought the glass cleaner and wheel cleaner and I am very satisfied with both. Vvash auto care has the best auto care products out hands down and I have tried just about everything out so far