Vvash 16oz Wash & Wax

Vvash 16oz Wash & Wax


For our customers with wax or sealant on their cars- this ones for you. Vvash Auto Care Premium Wash & Wax was specifically formulated for those who want a spectacular high-gloss finish without the risk of ruining previously applied waxes or sealants. Our Premium Wash & Wax has an advanced, concentrated, safe, pH-neutral formula that protects with each wash, while still providing a pleasurable high-foam detailing experience.


  •  Super-Sudsy Formula Leaves A High-Gloss Shine

  •  Achieve That Freshly Waxed Look

  •  Doesn’t Strip Any Waxes Or Sealants

  •  Streak-Free Application

  •  Reveals A Brighter, More Vibrant Paintwork

  •  Amazing Mango Scent

  •  Made in The USA


Perfect for those looking to maintain their waxes or sealants, Vvash Auto Care Premium Wash & Wax protects with every wash to prolong protection while restoring shine with our highly lubricated formula. As another one of our versatile products, the choice is yours to use Premium Wash & Wax in a 5 gallon bucket or paired with a Vvash Auto Care Foam Gun or Foam Cannon. Accompanied by a delicious passion fruit scent, washing your car while adding protection has never been a more enjoyable, stress-free experience.


Looking to achieve that freshly-waxed look? Now, it’s never been easier with some assistance from Vvash Auto Care Premium Wash & Wax!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best Hands Down

Hands down, beats all other products on the market! Used plenty of products in the past , and none come close to Vvash wash & wax. You won’t be disappointed!

best wash ever

This has kept my car clean and shinny for the last couple of days and i absolutely love it


Best stuff I have ever used hands down!!!

Great was and wax

Has the look of a just spray waxed car!, after only washing product works great and helps drying