Vvash Car Wash Kit

Vvash Car Wash Kit


This exceptional starter kit features our best selling products and will leave you smiling after every wash you perform. Our hand-selected kit is great for beginners and includes the basic essentials for maintaining and protecting your car.


Vvash Car Wash Kit Includes:

  • 1 Hyper Foam 16oz
  • 1 Superior Shine 16oz
  • 1 Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz
  • 1 Trim & Tire Conditioner 16oz
  • 1 Eco All Purpose Cleaner 16oz
  • 1 Tire Shine Applicator
  • 2 White Edgeless Microfiber Towels

Vvash Car Wash Kit is essential for maintaining the exterior of your vehicle. Our kit makes it easy for you to see results fast. All of our products come with step by step directions on each specially designed bottle. Each of our products in the kit are designed to have specific functions and results which include:

  • Great For Beginners

  • Provides Basic Essential Care Maintenance

  • Includes Exterior Products

  • Will Leave Your Car Clean and Glossy

Exterior Cleaning:

Hyper Foam 16oz
A high foam experience- every time. Vvash Auto Care Hyper Foam was specifically formulated to produce the highest amounts of foam possible. This luxurious, pH neutral formula was customized with hydrophobic properties to produce the most simple, the most sudsy, the most satisfying detailing experience yet. Safe to use on any previous wax or sealant, you’ll be amazed at just how fun detailing your car can be!

Superior Shine 16oz & Microfiber Towel
Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine truly is the O.G. We carefully designed this spray-on wax sealant to provide long lasting durability to your car’s surface while leaving behind a blinding exterior. Specifically formulated with slick, lubricating polymers to leave your vehicle spotless, sealed and protected, there’s no doubt that our Superior Shine will have your “seal” of approval.  

Superior Shine pairs perfectly with our Vvash Microfiber Towel for a complete professional touch. Vvash Microfiber Towel is thick, plush, double sided, and designed with scratch free in mind. The scratch free satin edged design is coupled with a 1,000 GSM thread count, making it extremely soft and durable for any detail. We want you to feel the same satisfaction we achieve when using high quality materials. Having this combo in your arsenal is ideal and will set a new high standard for your future details.

Wheels & Tires:

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz
Vvash Auto Care Ultimate Wheel Cleaner lives up to its name as the ultimate pick when looking to tackle wheels covered in dirt and grime. Our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner was formulated to deliver fast and quality cleaning to all types of wheels. Once applied to the surface of the wheel, you will be amazed at how efficient this product works to remove all dirt, debris, and brake dust while producing a brilliant shine all at the same time. Fear not, this Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is safe on all types of wheel finishes whether it be chrome, aluminum, powder coated, or even a matte finish.

Trim & Tire Conditioner 16oz & Tire Shine Applicator
Vvash Tire Shine is a must have in every detail project because it completes the overall clean look of the vehicle when finished. We’ve also included an easy to use and clean Tire Shine Applicator to pair with our Tire Shine. Vvash Tire Shine can be used to achieve a clean deep shine. Once applied it dries within minutes to get you back in the driver’s seat quickly and on to your next trip. We always recommend to clean your wheels prior to applying tire shine. Vvash Tire Shine is uniquely formulated to reduce or eliminate tire sling once properly applied. Our bottles allow for an even and steady application whether it be to our Tire Shine Applicator or to the tire directly. Any tire, large or small will look professional and clean when dressed with Vvash Tire Shine.

Eco All Purpose Cleaner 16oz
Vvash Auto Care All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect solution for removal of any unwanted contaminants. Our All Purpose Cleaner has an aggressive yet gentle formula that is safe on all water-safe surfaces, attacking dirt, grime, grease, oil, fingerprints, dust, and much more. This formula contains no petroleum distillates, is eco-friendly, pH neutral and safe to use on all surfaces!