Vvash Soap Combo

Vvash Soap Combo


Our Vvash Soap Combo features each of our seven premium shampoos that make the perfect addition to any Vvash Auto Care arsenal. Each packed with a potent, top-level formula, we're sure you'll find your new favorite car shampoo in this unique blend of products.


Vvash Soap Combo Includes: 

  • 1 Premium Shampoo 16oz
  • 1 Premium Wash & Wax 16oz
  • 1 Hyper Foam 16oz
  • 1 Ceramic Shampoo 16oz
  • 1 Blue Color Foam Shampoo 16oz
  • 1 Green Color Foam Shampoo 16oz
  • 1 Red Color Foam Shampoo 16oz

  • Premium Shampoo:
    Vvash Auto Care Premium Shampoo​ is specifically formulated to remove excess dirt and any other unwanted debris your car’s surface may have, while leaving it with a magnificent shine. With an all new, super thick formula with an amazing blue raspberry scent, this shampoo goes above and beyond to achieve that super-sudsy wash without the use of excess product. This product is pH balanced, which makes it the perfect option when wanting to preserve previous wax or sealant!

    Premium Wash & Wax:
    For our customers with wax or sealant on their cars- this ones for you. Vvash Auto Care Premium Wash & Wax was specifically formulated for those who want a spectacular high-gloss finish without the risk of ruining previously applied waxes or sealants. Our Premium Wash & Wax has an advanced, concentrated, safe, pH-neutral formula that protects with each wash, while still providing a pleasurable high-foam detailing experience.

    Hyper Foam:
    A high foam experience- every time. Vvash Auto Care Hyper Foam was specifically formulated to produce the highest amounts of foam possible. This luxurious, pH neutral formula was customized with hydrophobic properties to produce the most simple, the most sudsy, the most satisfying detailing experience yet. Safe to use on any previous wax or sealant, you’ll be amazed at just how fun detailing your car can be!

    Ceramic Shampoo:
    Save your ceramic coating! Vvash Auto Care is proud to introduce to you our Ceramic Shampoo, the ideal product to use when wanting to clean and maintain your vehicles quartz, silica, or resin based coating. Formulated with extravagant SiO2 technology, Ceramic Shampoo revitalizes your vehicle to produce a brilliant shine. Effortlessly repel water, dirt and other contaminants with the help of our Ceramic Shampoo.

    Color Foam Shampoo:
    Vvash Auto Care Color Foam Shampoo is the perfect product to start your detailing process. This unique formula provides that extra “wow factor” that makes detailing a fun experience! From producing a thick red, green or blue soap, to it’s amazing Bubblegum (red), Green Apple (green), or Blue Raspberry (blue) scent, there’s nothing basic about this Color Foam Shampoo. Make it rain your choice of red, green or blue suds with the help of our Vvash Foam Gun, or simply add to your water bucket, the choices are endless when using this product. A personal favorite for our team here at Vvash Auto Care,we’re excited to introduce to you our Color Foam Shampoo. Once this premium shampoo is rinsed off, it will leave your car with nothing short of an immaculate shine.