Vvash 16oz Detail Spray
Vvash 16oz Detail Spray
Vvash 16oz Detail Spray
Vvash 16oz Detail Spray

Vvash 16oz Detail Spray


Say hello to your new bff. Vvash Auto Care Detail Spray will be your new go-to for any large or small detail. As one of our most versatile products, Vvash Auto Care Detail Spray can be used to extend the lifespan of your coating, as a touch-up spray for in between washes or to just complete your detail with a flawless finish. Also great in emergency circumstances when washing is not an option, Detail Spray is the perfect choice for cleaning bird droppings, insect remains and other contaminants before they can cause damage to your vehicle's paint.


  •  Gloss Enhancing Formula

  •  Leaves A Shiny, Streak-Free Finish

  •  Maintains A Detailed Appearance

  •  Extends The Life Of Waxes, Coatings & Washes

  •  Amazing Banana Scent

  •  Made in The USA


Whether it be used regularly to always leave your car with a detailed appearance, or to help dry your car after a basic wash, Detail Spray will easily and effectively remove water spots, making drying your car much more enjoyable. This ultra-slick lubricant removes dirt, dust and pesky fingerprints without any risk of scratching your vehicle’s paint. Paired with a to-die-for banana scent, you’ll soon see why our Detail Spray is a favorite and why people keep coming back for more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Denise Smith

Always my go to favorite product to use ! Especially after driving to a car show or meet and greet give car a quick spray and ALWAYS makes her mirror shine !!!

Richard Gosnell
Awesome detail spray

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E Mitch
Good product

Wish it was hydrophobic.

Jose jimenez
Love it

I love it and love my black car stay clean and super glossy after applying it . I’m glad I switched products from chemical guys to vvash