Vvash Matte Detailer

Vvash Matte Detailer


Maintain your matte! Vvash Auto Care Matte Detailer was designed to safely and effectively quick detail all matte and satin paint finishes. Great on vinyl wraps too, we created this specialized formula to gently and successfully remove dirt, grime and smudging without harming your matte paint or vinyl. Revive your paint’s original finish without any unwanted gloss!

  •  Safely Maintains Matte Surfaces

  •  Streak-Free Formula

  •  No Residue

  •  Delicious Peach Scent

  •  Made In The USA

Similar to our fan favorite Detail Spray, without the undesirable shine. Not only is Vvash Auto Care Matte Detailer the ideal solution for a matte quick detailer, but is also great to use on fiberglass, glass, chrome, plastic and aluminum surfaces without any unwanted gloss. Simply spritz on desired surface to maintain or enhance your matte finish and wipe down with a Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel. Our delicious, custom peach scent is an added bonus, too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great for matte trim pieces! I got it for my GLI ground effects kit and it works extremely well

Carl Coffey
Works great

Just now getting to use the product but seems to work great cleaning the undercarriage and the matte detailer was the ideal thing for a quick cleanup.

Zach Aguirre

Awesome finish!!! My grille is matte and I use this and leaves it so clean!!