Vvash 16oz Premium Shampoo

Vvash 16oz Premium Shampoo

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Vvash Auto Care Premium Shampoois specifically formulated to remove excess dirt and any other unwanted debris your car’s surface may have, while leaving it with a magnificent shine. With an all new, super-thick formula accompanied by an amazing blue raspberry scent, this shampoo goes above and beyond to achieve that super-sudsy wash without the use of excess product. This product is pH balanced, which makes it the perfect option when wanting to preserve previous wax or sealant!

  • All New, Super-Thick Formula
  • Removes Dirt & Debris With Ease
  • Resists Water Spots
  • NEW! Fruity Scent
  • Made in The USA

  • Maintaining your ride has never been easier with the help of our Premium Shampoo. It’s gentle yet sudsy formula makes getting the job done quick & efficient without leaving behind any pesky water spots. Vvash Auto Care Premium Shampoo makes sure to clean without stripping your wax, drying out your trim or most importantly scratching your paint.

    Our Premium Shampoo produces super-thick soap that creates an ultra-slick application that safely lifts and lubricates dirt from your vehicle’s surface, eliminating any chance of scratching your paintwork. Our new and advanced formula effortlessly glides over any waxes and sealants for an all around seamless application.

     Vvash Auto Care Premium Shampoo is extremely versatile. Whether adding to a 5 gallon bucket and our Vvash Wash Pad or pairing it with a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon, the choice is yours. However, if you’re looking to make it rain with extra-thick foam, we highly recommend pairing our Premium Shampoo with a Vvash Auto Care Foam Gun or Foam Cannon!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Aaron Holden
    Great soap

    Great suds the car looks great after using through my foam cannon love the different scents vvash has as well

    Zack Clark

    The premium shampoo is truly amazing

    Chrisrian Cajigal
    Vvash premium shampoo

    Excellent product.

    Daniel Whitaker

    Amazing product

    Lori Simpson
    Vvash Premium Shampoo

    This stuff is amazing!! First of all it smells awesome...like bubblegum. I'm so used to having to use a ton of cheap soap but with this stuff a little goes a long way! I never had to add more soap to my bucket and it stayed very bubbly with tons of suds and cleaned my Jeep (which was quite muddy) very well!! I would highly recommend this product and will definitely be using it myself from now on!