Vvash Beginner Kit

Vvash Beginner Kit


See and feel the quality results of Vvash products with our most popular products.


  • Everything You’ll Need For Top Performance Detailing

  • Interior And Exterior Products Included

  • Maintain Your Vehicles Protection And Value

  • Fully Array Of Quality Products

  • Great Scents With Each Product


  • 1 Premium Shampoo 16oz

  • 1 Paint Super Sealant 16oz

  • 1 Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz

  • 1 Undercarriage Spray 16oz

  • 1 Interior Cleaner 16oz

  • 1 Interior Detailer 16oz

  • 1 Tire Shine 16oz

  • 1 Superior Shine 16oz

  • 1 Eco All Purpose Cleaner 16oz

  • 1 Glass Cleaner 16oz

  • 1 100 Gram Clay Bar (No Longer Comes With Jar)

  • 3 Blue Edgeless Towels (16”x16”)

  • 1 Tire Shine Applicator


Exterior Cleaning:

Premium Wash & Wax 16oz

Vvash Premium Wash & Wax is essential for maintaining a spotless vehicle, whether it be your everyday driver or that dream car you only take out for the car show every so often. At Vvash we strive to make sure your experience with our products are simple and easy to use with the highest quality results. Our Premium Wash & Wax is an essential step to leaving behind a high gloss finish and protectant. This product is also Ph neutral which means it will not remove any previously applied sealants or wax. This is the perfect formula for anyone looking for a high foam and safe product.


Superior Shine 16oz & Microfiber Towel

Vvash Superior Shine is designed to protect your paint from UV damage with the added bonus of a terrific glossy finish. Superior Shine can applied to various steps of your detail. You can use it as a clay bar lubricant , spray wax, and or gloss enhancer. Superior Shine pairs perfectly with our Vvash Microfiber Towel for a complete professional touch. Vvash Microfiber towel is thick, plush , double sided, and designed with scratch free in mind. The scratch free satin edged design is coupled with a 500 GSM thread count , making it extremely soft and durable for any detail. We want you to feel the same satisfaction we achieve when using high quality materials. Having this combo in your arsenal is ideal and will set a new high standard for your future details.


Decontamination and Sealants:

Paint Super Sealant 16oz

Vvash Paint Super Sealant is easy-to-use and is durable enough to last months even after washing. Applying the sealant to your vehicle allows you to only have to some soap and water to maintain your vehicles protection and shine. The sealant can be applied just a few times throughout the year and make cleaning for the rest of the year a breeze.


Applying by hand is easy when following our direction on our label and is especially easy when using our disc applicator along with it. Using Vvash Disc Applicators allows you to evenly coat the car with sealant efficiently. Allowing the Sealant to dry for 15 minutes will produce optimal results after buffing. Buffing can be done using the Microfiber Towels gently removing the cured sealant from the surface or your car.


Once Vvash Paint Super Sealant is properly applied to your vehicle you will notice a dramatic difference in appearance. Your car will now have a reflective deep shine to go along with the added protection from harsh elements. You will be pleased when you realize you're smiling back at your own reflection from your car.

1 100 Gram Clay Bar

Vvash Clay Bar quickly lifts contaminants sticking to the surface of your vehicle. When paired with any Vvash detailing lubricant you are guaranteed to get a silky smooth result. We recommend always lubricating your Clay Bar to provide maximum glide over the surface you are treating. Vvash Clay Bar will remove bug residue, pollen , mud, and fine particles on your surface.


Interior Cleaner 16oz & Interior Detailer 16oz

Vvash Interior Cleaner is designed to keep the inside of your vehicle pristine and looking great. Overtime your vehicle’s delicate interior will experience a lot of temperature changes and typical normal usage. Depending on your location, your climate may vary which in turn affects the way your interior copes with the temperature shifts. Interior seats and panels expand and contract with the changing seasons. So make sure to protect the interior of your vehicle with the quality Vvash Interior Cleaner. Interior Cleaner can achieve wonders when it comes to removing contaminants and debris on all interior surfaces. You won't have to rely on harsh chemicals to remove annoying stains and risk damaging interior components.


Vvash Interior Cleaner goes hand in hand with our Interior Detailer. The versatility of Vvash Interior Detailer can provide years of protection on any type of vehicle. Interior Detailer is safe to use on seats, door & dash panels, plastics, wood, and leather.

It utilizes UV inhibitors to protect against high temperatures on your dashboard, panels and seats. We recommend using this product on cool surfaces and not in direct sunlight. When properly applied to any surface , Interior Detailer will never leave that greasy feel behind.


Wheels & Tires:

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz

Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is a strong pick when looking to tackle those wheels that are covered in dirt and grime. Vvash Ultimate Wheel Cleaner was formulated to deliver fast and quality cleaning to all types of wheels. Once applied to the surface of the wheel you will instantly see how fast the cleaner works to get rid of all dirt , debris, and brake dust. Feel free to apply it on all types of wheel finishes whether it be chrome , aluminum, powder coated or even a matte finish.


Tire Shine 16oz & Tire Shine Applicator

Vvash Tire Shine is a must have in every detail project because it completes the overall clean look of the vehicle when finished. We’ve also included an easy to use and clean Tire Shine Applicator to pair with our Tire Shine. Vvash Tire Shine can be used to achieve a clean deep shine. Once applied it dries within minutes to get you back in the driver’s seat quickly and on to your next trip. We always recommend to clean your wheels prior to applying tire shine. Vvash Tire Shine is uniquely formulated to reduce or eliminate tire sling once properly applied. Our bottles allow for an even and steady application whether it be to our Tire Shine Applicator or to the tire directly. Any tire, large or small will look professional and clean when dressed with Vvash Tire Shine.


Eco All Purpose Cleaner 16oz

Vvash Eco All Purpose Cleaner is the all around versatile cleaner that is perfect for removing unwanted contaminants. This product is tough on all water-safe surfaces and destroys dirt , grime , grease ,oil, fingerprints, dust, etc. At Vvash creating something that's ingredients are safe for all around and repeated use was paramount. Vvash Eco All Purpose Cleaner does not contain any petroleum distillates, is eco friendly for consistent use, and all around safe on all surfaces.