Vvash Leather Conditioner Applicator (2 Pack)

Vvash Leather Conditioner Applicator (2 Pack)


Introducing the sidekick to our Leather Conditioner, the Vvash Leather Conditioner Applicator! We curated this dense applicator with professional-grade, soft foam to gently and evenly distribute your Leather Conditioner without absorbing in the product, which in turn reserves more product inside your bottle. Our Vvash Auto Care Leather Conditioner Applicator spreads an even application every time, meaning less time cleaning up globby messes and more time getting the bang for your buck on using less product! The best part? Our Leather Conditioner Applicator is 100% machine washable!

For optimum results, pair our Leather Conditioner Applicator with our Vvash Auto Care Leather Conditioner. Also, see our Vvash Leather Kit- which includes our Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner & our Leather Conditioner Applicator for a spotless interior.  

Our Vvash Auto Care Leather Conditioner Applicators come in a pack of 2.

  • Premium Grade Foam
  • Evenly Coats Interior
  • Doesn't Absorb Product/ Reserve More Product
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • $50.00