Vvash Superior Shine & 3 Towels

Vvash Superior Shine & 3 Towels


Our top selling Superior Shine is a jack of all trades but it always outshines the rest. Buff it to perfection with three of our professional grade Microfiber Towels. A $39.96 value.

    • Safe On All Exteriors
    • Glass-Like Shine
    • Protects For Up To 6 Months
    • Unbeatable Papaya Scent
    • Made in The USA

    Superior Shine:
    Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine truly is the O.G. We carefully designed this spray-on wax sealant to provide long lasting durability to your car’s surface while leaving behind a blinding exterior. Specifically formulated with polymers to leave your vehicle spotless, sealed and protected, there’s no doubt that our Superior Shine will have your “seal” of approval. 

    Our top-selling Superior Shine is a jack of all trades but it always outshines the rest. Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine is an essential product when detailing any car. Whether it be used as a spray wax, or gloss enhancer, no detail is complete without our Superior Shine. Watch our Superior Shine melt into your paint with ease as it provides your car durable UV protection for up to 6 months. Adding a hydrophobic layer has never been so easy to apply with our spray-on wax featuring a delicious papaya scent. As if our Superior Shine’s remarkable performance isn’t enough, it’s unbeatable fragrance is guaranteed to leave you coming back for more.


    Microfiber Towel:
    Superior Shine pairs perfectly with our Vvash Microfiber Towel for a complete professional touch. Vvash Microfiber Towel is thick, plush, double sided, and designed with scratch free in mind. The scratch free satin edged design is coupled with a 1,000 GSM thread count, making it extremely soft and durable for any detail. We want you to feel the same satisfaction we achieve when using high quality materials. Having this combo in your arsenal is ideal and will set a new high standard for your future details.


    Vvash Superior Shine & 3 Towels Includes:
    1 Superior Shine 16oz
    3 Edgeless Microfiber Towels

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    Tony Blow
    Quality products

    Products really work I’ve been very pleased at my results .

    Victor WAGGONER
    Awesome product

    These prod

    Dustin Erickso

    I used it to shine my forces and my truck after being washed the towels are great and the superior shine was great and is a very good product