Vvash Wash Pad

Vvash Wash Pad


Get a professional detail at home with a little assistance from our Wash Pad! Our high-quality synthetic wool pad envelopes itself in thick suds for your most satisfying wash yet. Our Wash Pad is made of soft, durable synthetic fibers that will gently and effortlessly cleanse your vehicle of any impurities without the risk of any harmful damage. Washing with a professional grade Wash Pad vs. household sponges or mitts ensures prevention of contaminants from swirling or scratching your vehicle’s paint.  This thick, fluffy pad easily expels stuck-on grime, dirt, grease and other unwanted contaminants by trapping those pesky particles deep into the pad. 

Absorbing excessive amounts of suds is no problem for our Vvash Auto Care Wash Pad. This super luxurious pad is able to hold up to 26oz of soapy shampoo water for your vehicle’s sudsiest wash yet. Pair our Wash Pad with a Vvash 5 Gallon Bucket, Dirt Guard and your favorite Vvash Auto Care Shampoo for the ultimate detailing experience.

Our Vvash Auto Care Wash Pad is a standard size of 10” x 10”.

  • Effortless Professional Detail At Home
  • Prevents Swirling Or Scratching Of Paint
  • Made Of Top Quality Synthetic Wool
  • Traps Particles Deep Into Pad

  • $50.00