Vvash Wheel & Tire Package

Vvash Wheel & Tire Package


Vvash Wheel & Tire Package will have your wheels and tires looking brand new everyday you take that car out for a spin! This kit includes our easy to use wheel and tire products that leaves an exceptional deep shine after every detail. A $50.96 value.

Vvash Wheel & Tire Package Includes:
1 Ultimate Wheel Cleaner 16oz 
1 Eco All Purpose Cleaner 16oz
1 Tire Shine 16oz
1 Tire Shine Applicator

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner:
Vvash Auto Care Ultimate Wheel Cleaner lives up to its name as the ultimate pick when looking to tackle wheels covered in dirt and grime. Our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner was formulated to deliver fast and quality cleaning to all types of wheels. Once applied to the surface of the wheel, you will be amazed at how efficient  this product works to remove all dirt, debris, and brake dust while producing a brilliant shine all at the same time. Fear not, this Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is safe on all types of wheel finishes whether it be chrome, aluminum, powder coated, or even a matte finish.

Eco All Purpose Cleaner:
Vvash Auto Care All Purpose Cleaner ​is the perfect solution for removal of any unwanted contaminants. Our All Purpose Cleaner has an aggressive yet gentle formula that is safe on all water-safe surfaces, attacking dirt, grime, grease, oil, fingerprints, dust, and much more. This formula contains no petroleum distillates, is eco-friendly, pH neutral and safe to use on all surfaces! 

Aggressive enough to clean even the worst of grime, yet gentle enough for household use, our Eco All Purpose Cleaner is the right choice when looking for a non-caustic, eco-friendly, pH neutral solution that will still get the job done. Vvash Auto Care Eco All Purpose Cleaner was designed for the users liking, meaning it can be used full strength or diluted down to preference. Safe for interior and exterior, with Vvash Auto Care Eco All Purpose Cleaner the possibilities are endless! 


Tire Shine

Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine is the perfect choice when wanting to leave your tires with a clean, deep black shine. Trust us, we understand how frustrating it can be when you clean your vehicle, apply a high gloss tire shine and by the time you get to the end of the street your freshly cleaned vehicle is now covered with tire sling. Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine is the solution to your problems! With our advanced formula that offers glossy, UV protection, you can be sure that your vehicle will have the best looking tires on the road after an application of Vvash Auto Care Tire Shine.

  • Achieve Professional Grade Wheel Cleaning And Shine With Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

  • Easy To Use Tire Shine Applicator 
  • Eco All Purpose Cleaner Eliminates Dirt and Debris 
  • Exceptional Deep Shine And Quick Dry Tire Shine


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Rachelle Molyneaux
    Love the profucts

    These products are amazing ! Great quality

    Heather Bumpous

    Amazing products.

    Jared Mitchell
    Great Product!

    I orders the wheel kit and it works great! Instantly starts taking the dirt and brake dust off. With a little quick brush wheels and tires look brand new!

    Izac Faraci

    Loved the products along with the costumer service !! Can’t wait to try out more of the products !!