At VVAsh, we have a world of tools and accessories for keeping your car in pristine and stellar condition. You made a big investment in your high-performance wheels, and you want to show it off to the world. Our packages and accessories help you to make every part of your car look as excellent as it can.

In our catalog, we have a series of four auto brushes that you can use to clear away any stray bits of debris or dirt by hand. Check ‘em out.

Wheel Brush

This brush is made with sturdy bristles to help you to clean off alloy rims or other areas of the wheel. You may have to look to see if your rims are at all vulnerable to scratching, but for most OEM and aftermarket wheels, this brush works just fine.

Tire Brush

This brush has bristles specifically designed to help you to get into the grooves and crevices of your tires, and take out small bits of dirt or stone or whatever has glommed onto your wheels. As you go, look for any dry rot or cracking on sidewalls, or punctures in the tread that may be compromising your tires’ ability to remain fully inflated. At the same time, you'll be getting a brighter look for the tires that your car runs on.

Carpet Brush

Our carpet brush has close, dense bristles and a particular design for grabbing on to contaminants in that thick carpet upholstery covering your car’s floor and other cabin areas. Over time, carpet gets dirty – we know this is true in houses, and we know it's true in cars as well. Some of that dirt and debris gets really solidly attached to your carpet – particularly if you have little ones riding in your car from time to time. It's one thing to Hoover up some loose dirt that fell from someone's shoe. It's something else to remove the stick end of a lollipop from auto upholstery or carpet.

Our customers have gotten a lot of use out of this versatile brush to scour away all of the trash and gooey items that people have left behind to junk up a car.

Lug Nut and Trim Brush

This is where you can really get artistic.

This smaller lug nut and trim brush has a sleek build for detail work. You can really get in and clean those small areas where other brushes couldn't reach.

This is just part of what we offer at VVAsh. We have applicators and other specialized tire cleaning tools and resources, and much more. Take a look!