Let's talk a little bit about one of our best packages: our third-generation combo.

This isn't just a small kit with a few of our best products. The Gen3 kit has nine different cleaners for all of the various parts and systems that make up your vehicle’s exterior. That allows you to get the full clean that's so impressive for showing off your wheels in the parking lot, in your driveway or on the street, or anywhere else you happen to be. 

Here's what’s in our third-generation combo package:

Color foam shampoo – this stuff is great for scrubbing off your exterior, and provides neat colors and an enticing aroma to make you and your car feel clean all over.

Paint super sealant – this product allows you to protect your paint job and clear coat with advanced polymers that seal out water and UV rays. It's a surface coat you won't want to miss!

Superior shine – make your car shine with our spray-on wax sealant to create an exterior that really sparkles. We would recommend this product for dealerships or anyone else looking to enhance the curb appeal of a vehicle!

Eco-purpose cleaner – this cleaner is our answer to automotive green cleaning. In a world where people are looking at the power of natural solutions over caustic chemicals, our eco-friendly cleaning fits the bill!

Glass cleaner - when you want streak-free results, check out our glass cleaner in its easy to use bottle with a power greater than most of your over the counter glass cleaning solutions. This ammonia-free cleaner leaves your glass so spotless you won't even know it's there!

Tire shine - this is our answer to dirty tires. Get gleaming white whitewalls and excellent looking sidewalls and tread with this formulated product that scours the dirt and debris off of your cars’ ‘rubber shoes.’

Undercarriage spray - we know that when you're doing your entire car's exterior, you want clean wheel wells, too. There is an amazing amount of gunk that gets up in there, and our undercarriage spray is carefully formulated to remove all of that stuff for a look so clean you could park your car in a showroom.

Ultimate wheel cleaner - here is yet another product for your car’s tires and wheels to remove dust, dirt and everything else.

Waterless wash - this one cleaner ingredient can be used without water, so that if you happen to be somewhere without a hose, you can still get a nice shine on your vehicle.

All of this in one package? Yes. It's part of the value that we offer our shoppers with some of the best car cleaning products around. Don't settle for second best in taking care of your late-model or performance vehicle. Get results!